Appendix D. List of Illustrations (photo-plates)

1 — 10

Photo D.1. The Macaque Dasy at quiet.

Photo D.2. The Macaque threatened and on the lookout.

Fig. 1. The Macaque in a threatening posture.
Fig. 2. The Macaque on the lookout.

Photo D.3. Preparation for experiments

Fig. 1. Framework introduced into cage.
Fig. 2. Food introduced into cage.

Photo D.4. The experiments.

Fig. 1. The monkey unlocking a device.
Fig. 2. The monkey enters the open door.

Photo D.5. Recording experiments and stimulation by food

Fig. 1. The monkey eating up his reward.
Fig. 2. An additional reward.

Photo D.6. The monkey is stimulated by swinging

Fig. 1. Preparation to swinging.
Fig. 2. The swinging.

Photo D.7. Performance with drawer door

Fig. 1. Door drawn aside from without.
Fig. 2. Door drawn aside from within.
Fig. 3. Getting out.

Photo D.8. Performances with hooks

Fig. 1. The monkey is submitted an aggregate of 8 hooks.
Fig. 2. Hook e2 is being unlocked.
Fig. 3. Hook e3 is being unlocked.

Photo D.9. Performances with hooks, sliding bolts and latches

Fig. 1. Hook Б out of a set of 8 is being unlocked.
Fig. 2. Control of door when operating with a set of 8 hooks.

Fig. 3. Opening a self-locking latch L out of the KLMN aggregate.
Fig. 4. Opening sliding bolt F.

Photo D.10. Performances with sliding bolts

Fig. 1. Opening sliding bolt I.
Fig. 2. Combination of sliding bolts ROIP is submitted to monkey.