21 — 24

Photo D.21. Opening door straps with unlocked padlocks

Fig. 1. Submitting to monkey 2 door straps (one vertical and one horizontal closed with open padlocks).
Fig. 2. Extraction of upper padlock out of door straps.

Photo D.22. Performance with padlocks locked by key

Fig. 1. A moment of distraction.
Fig. 2. At work (handling of upper locked padlock З1).

Photo D.23. Handling of padlocks

Fig. 1. Padlock (З1) released out of door strap.
Fig. 2. Upper door strap cast aside and padlock grasped.

Fig. 3. Control of door.
Fig. 4. Upper door strap drawn aside.

Photo D.24. Distraction and attention

Fig. 1. Distraction of macaque from work.
Fig. 2. Monkey gazing.