26 — 45

Equation F.11. Combination of 2 sliding bolts OP

Equation F.12. Combination of 2 sliding bolts GF

Equation F.13. Combination of 2 sliding bolts YI

Equation F.14. Combination of sliding bolts GFH и OIP

Equation F.15. Complex sliding bolts V, W, X1, X2, Y1, Y4

Curve 31. Complex sliding bolt V, horizontal.
Curve 32. Complex sliding bolt W, horizontal.
Curve 33. Complex sliding bolt with spring action X1, horizontal.
Curve 34. Complex sliding bolt with spring action X2, vertical.
Curve 35. Complex sliding bolt Y1, horizontal, to right.
Curve 36. Complex sliding bolt Y4, horizontal, to left.

Equation F.16. Combination of 4 complex sliding bolts V1, W1, X2, Y1

Equation F.17. Excentre-handle turning-locks S, T

Curve 38. Excentre-handle turning-lock S, to right down.
Curve 39. Excentre-handle turning-lock T, lift upwards.
Curve 40. Combination of 2 excentre-handle turning-locks S and T.

Equation F.18. Centre-handle turning-locks U, Ü

Curve 41. Centre-handle turning-lock U, to right
Curve 42. Centre-handle turning-lock Ü, to left

Equation F.19. Combination of 2 centre-handle turning-locks UÜ

Combination of 2 centre-handle turning-locks UÜ, to right and to left.

Equation F.20. Centre-handle turning-locks Z1, Z2

Curve 44. Centre-handle turning-locks Z1, with spring action, to right.
Curve 45. Centre-handle turning-locks Z2, with spring action, to left.