46 — 59

Equation F.21. Combination of 2 centre-handle turning-locks Z1, Z2 with sprint action

Equation F.22. Combination of 2 centre-handle turning-locks Z3, Z4 with spring action

Equation F.23. Combination of 2 latches K , M; 2 centre-handle turning-locks Z3, Z4

Equation F.24. Turning-lock a

Turning-lock a to right

Equation F.25. Catch b

Equation F.26. Chains C1, C2, C3

Curve 51. Chain C1, inclined.
Curve 52. Chain C2, vertical.
Curve 53. Chain C3, horizontal.

Equation F.27. Door strap without pawl d1, with pawl d2

Curve 54. Door strap without pawl d1
Curve 55. Door strap with pawl d2

Equation F.28. Sliding bolt Y1 with pawl Y2

Equation F.29. 2 door straps, 2 pawls — d2, d4

Equation F.30. Door strap d3 and sliding bolt Y3

Curve 58. Door strap with unlocked padlock d3
Curve 59. Sliding bolt with unlocked padlock Y3